Pen (pen) wrote,

Choice non-words

Because I'm sifting through newspaper cut-outs to throw stuff out and came across them.

ACCIDUE: Small pile of broken glass, chrome and other debris that remains at the scene several months after an accident.
MOWERHAWK: The strip of grass that remains here and there after mowing the lawn.
BIBMIO: The fictional data on the back side of a Playboy centrefold.
INDIGESTURES: The hollow gestures and half-hearted protestations you feel required to make when someone else is picking up the bill.
COMPIZZABLE: The capacity for a group to actually agree upon pizza topping.
DIETRIBE: All the daily specials you allow a waiter to reel off even though you already know what you want.
PASTAPLEGIC: Person who's eaten so much spaghetti they can't move.
And my fave
CIRCUMVACULATE: To remain stationary while vacuuming in a circle around oneself.
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